This study aims at tracking development and changes in relationships over time. It is in other words a longitudinal study where you will answer the same survey once a year. If you don’t want to take part over time, it is also possible to answer the survey just once.

Why the name Same Sex Bliss?

Same sex because the main interest group in this project is people that identify as lgbt+. However, we also need participants that are in a mixed-sex relationship. If you don’t identify as lgbt+, you are still welcome to take our survey.

Bliss because we want this study to focus on the positive aspects of being in a relationship – such as support and intimacy.

Who can participate?

Our only criteria are that you have to be over 18 years old. Other than that, everyone can take part in our study:

  • If you identify as heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, intersex, queer, asexual and all the above.
  • If you are in a relationship or if you are single

About the researchers

This study is conducted by Jonas R. Kunst and Maiken Arnesen at the University of Oslo, Department of Psychology and the Culture, Society & Behavior Research Lab.

Jonas R. Kunst is Associate Professor in Culture and Community Psychology at the University of Oslo. He is the leader of the Culture, Society & Behavior Research Lab and is currently the supervisor of the project “Same sex bliss”.


Maiken Arnesen is a cultural psychology graduate student at the University of Oslo. Her field of interest is well-being within relationships.