This study will look at how different relationships develop and change over time. Participation involves filling out a questionnaire. You can then choose to take part in follow-up studies.


Same-sex because the project’s main group of interest is people that currently are, or have been, in a same-sex relationship. However, we also need participants with an opposite-sex partner. If you only have experience with mixed-sex relationships you are still welcome to take our survey.

Bliss because we want this study to focus on the positive aspects of being in a relationship – such as support, communication and intimacy.


The study examine relationships consisting of two people. In addition, you have to be 18 years old or above to take our survey. Other than that, everyone can take part in our study – regardless of relationship status and sexual identity .


Maiken Arnesen is a Cultural Psychology graduate student at the University of Oslo. Her field of interest is relationship satisfaction, especially in regard to same-sex couples. She is part of the Culture, Society & Behavior Research Lab.

Jonas R. Kunst is an Associate Professor in Culture and Community Psychology at the University of Oslo. He is the leader of the Culture, Society & Behavior Research Lab and is currently the supervisor of the project “Same-Sex Bliss”.

Carla Moleiro is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at ISCTE – Lisbon University Institute. She holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is currently assistant supervisor of the project “Same-Sex Bliss”.